Image of matchsticks, with only one match burnt out completely

Parental Burnout Epidemic: Understanding and Treating the Silent Struggle

'Parental Burnout' is when parents feel emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, and detached from their responsibilities. It is the physical, mental, and emotional fatigue one feels from the constant stress of parenting.
5 min read
Woman trying to rekindle the spark

How to Rekindle the Spark in Long-Term Relationships

"Why don't I feel in love anymore?" "Is my relationship missing something?" "Would I be better if I ended my relationship?"
4 min read
A man and a woman sit apart, thinking after a fight

Can Relationships Survive Cheating?

Although cheating is an enormous act of betrayal, it is possible to repair the relationship. Some couples can address the root causes of the infidelity, leading to a stronger, more resilient partnership.
3 min read
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Unlocking One Big Secret of Lasting Love

In long-term relationships, there is one key secret to maintaining happy relationships. That secret is "Turning In vs Turning Away." Married couples "Turned In" to one another 86% of the time. Divorced couples only Turned In 33% of the time.
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Man and woman sittting on marriage therapist couch playing with their wedding rings

Biggest Predictors of Divorce

Dr. Gottman could predict with 90% accuracy which couple would divorce and which stay together. He came up with the 'Four Horsemen' of divorce: 1. Contempt 2. Criticism 3. Defensiveness 4. Stonewalling
7 min read