Image of matchsticks, with only one match burnt out completely

Parental Burnout Epidemic: Understanding and Treating the Silent Struggle

'Parental Burnout' is when parents feel emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, and detached from their responsibilities. It is the physical, mental, and emotional fatigue one feels from the constant stress of parenting.
5 min read
Mom and daughter practicing yoga and mindfulness together

The Art of Mindfulness in Parenthood

Mindfulness has been found to improve mental and physical health. It reduces stress and even increases overall happiness. It helps parents stay in the moment, appreciate time with their children, and creates stronger memories.
4 min read
Mom and dad monkey cuddling their baby monkey

How I Protect My Children Against Sexual Assault

As a parent, the idea of harm falling onto my children is terrifying. It is a fear that keeps me up at night. As a Forensic Psychologist, I see the dark side of humanity. With my experience, I'm using these methods to protect them from sexual assault.
5 min read
Woman screaming with rage, anger, and frustration

'Mom Rage': Why Am I So Angry?

Nothing prepared me for 'Mom Rage.' My moods felt out of control. I felt on edge or like I would snap the next person who spoke to me. Something needed to change.
6 min read
Father helping his son walk across a log by giving him support

Why You Should Always Support Your Child's Dreams, Even if You Don't Believe in Them.

You don't have to teach them the world is unfair, the world will do that for you.
2 min read
Sibling children sitting hold their teddybears looking sorry.

Why You Should Apologize to Your Children

Why we should apologize to our children: - It models good behavior - It builds trust - It teaches them it is okay to make mistakes - It repairs the relationship between you and them
4 min read